I am a blogger, a writer, an author, as well as a tarot reader, and an astrologer. Additionally, I am an advocate for mental health, especially depression. Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, for example, must be treated medically. Your doctor or psychiatrist should prescribe the proper treatment, and you should also seek therapy. You can only be treated effectively for any mental illness if you do that.

But what about using tools in conjunction with that? Those are the tools you need to continue working on your mental health between therapy sessions. Some people rely on meditation, while others use meditation and journaling. Tarot cards can also be used. Tarot cards can be an excellent tool for mental health.

If you pull a card, you’re going to look at the imagery and the symbols surrounding it, not just the card itself. They stimulate your intuitive and emotional side. With the cards you pull, you will be prompted to touch your emotions and feelings.

The use of tarot for psychological purposes is not a new concept. The well-known psychoanalyst Carl Jung saw tarot cards as the perfect tool for tapping into the subconscious mind. To benefit from this practice, you don’t even need to know the tarot or have taken a psychology course.

When it comes to maintaining your mental health, Tarot can still be quite helpful. Tarot can help you understand your feelings without judging them, which leads to acceptance. It will help you determine what you want and understand your values, and what matters to you.

Tarot can help you discover what’s holding you back from achieving what you want. The tarot can help you find out a lot about your psyche so that you can go on to explore it even more. It can help you understand your motivations, your behavior, and your experiences in a non-confrontational way. Knowing why you do what you do can lead you to solutions to change your habits in the long run.

Here’s an example:

The Nine of Swords is pulled. The card is also known as the nightmare card. These thoughts are indicative of excessive worries and fears, as well as intrusive thoughts that cause a lot of anxiety inside. It may be time to examine your thoughts and figure out why you have them. The help of a therapist can assist you in understanding these intrusive thoughts and give you suggestions for coping on how to work with them. You already know that tarot cards are beneficial for your mental health because they help you understand what’s happening within.

Additionally, this method has no judgment attached to it at all. You can use tarot cards to improve your mental health in that way. Another excellent benefit of this method is that you can use it to develop a ritual. To keep your mental health firm, it is essential to create a healthy daily routine. It is a good idea to pull a card in the morning and read the message it brings.

If you end up with a challenging card like the ten of swords or the tower, you’ll have to reframe your perspective on them. Rather than assuming you will only face losses, upheavals, and challenges throughout the day.

Maybe you’re pulling any of those cards for another reason, but that doesn’t mean that today will be a bad one for you. Perhaps those cards tell you that today is a good day to prepare yourself for any unforeseen challenges that may arise. This might be a good day to open a savings account for emergencies at the bank.

Use a tarot deck that you relate to for this purpose. It won’t work for you if the tarot deck does not appeal to you. You may give up and think that this method doesn’t work, and that’s not going to benefit your mental health. Browse Amazon or Etsy, or your local metaphysical store to find the different decks for sale. Let the tarot guide you. Moreover, it can be an excellent tool for your mental health.